Grand Gan Izzy Overnight

Location: North Jelly Stone Park

Dates and Times: Thursday, July 5 - Friday July 6

Communication: We are very aware that this may be the first experience that campers may be away from home. You can call the camp office at any time that you may be concerned about your child. The camp office will contact the staff on the overnight and return your call immediately.

Cost: $60 for those signed up for the corresponding week in camp.  

Cost covers:

  • Transportation to and from the Retreat Center

  • Snacks and Dinner for July 5

  • Breakfast, Lunch and snacks for July 6

  • Activities during the day-such as, swimming, activities, bonfire and more.

  • Lodging in air-conditioned and clean cabins.

  • Full time responsible Gan Izzy Staff members!

Campers who are not signed up for this week, and would like to join can call the camp office for more information.

If the cost of the trip presents a financial challenge for your family, please contact the camp office. We will work with your family confidentially to make sure every child who wants to attend can join us.

Campers that don’t join the Getaway: There will be a program on camp grounds for campers that are not ready or not interested in joining the Getaway. Details to follow.